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Blockchain Curated is making the best content in the blockchain and bitcoin industry more accessible to the world. We spend a significant amount of time sourcing the top 1% of articles to convert into weekly podcasts in partnership with authors. These podcasts will **always be free** to our listeners. We feature articles that are written by industry veterans and leaders that are commonly cited, and make cryptocurrency easier to understand. Blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts have a notoriously high learning curve, which is why **we rigorously curate only the best articles**. The articles we curate are converted into audio and read aloud by a real human being, not a mechanical-sounding text-to-speech robot. Our articles have featured founders, advisors, and contributors to organizations including Coinbase, Ethereum, Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group and more.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. How Crypto Investment Fund Manager Nick Tomaino Evaluates Tokens

    In this episode featuring **Crypto Venture Fund Co-Founder Nick Tomaino**, you’ll learn how his $26M fund, 1Confirmation, decides how to deploy their capital into blockchain investments. ...


  2. We already know blockchain's killer apps

    In this episode featuring Software Engineer **Haseeb Qureshi** , you’ll learn about the four potential killer apps of blockchain technology: dark web and black market payments, digital gold, payments (macro and micro), and tokenization. ...


  3. A beginner's guide to Bitcoin Cash

    In this episode featuring Scalar Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner **Linda Xie** , you’ll learn: * The basics of Bitcoin Cash is, and how it compares to Bitcoin * How and why Bitcoin Cash was created * The differences between the scaling approaches of Bitcoin Cash (on ...


  4. Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol Innovation

    In this episode featuring **Albert Wenger **of Union Square Ventures, you’ll learn: * How Bitcoin and other decentralized blockchains will drive the decentralization of the internet * How blockchain protocols provide incentives for the creation and governance of technologies that were previously largely unmonetized public resources ...


  5. A Beginners Guide to Ethereum

    In this episode featuring early Coinbase employee **Linda Xie** , you’ll learn: * What Ethereum is, and how it compares to Bitcoin * What a ‘smart contract’ is, and why programmable digital money matters * Some of the most interesting use cases of Ethereum including identity, scarce ...